Cosmetic Products Registration in Israel in order to Obtain Ministry of Health Licenses and Preparation of Product Information Files for the European Market

Areas of Practice

Dr. Sara Tal has been engaged in the regulation and registration of cosmetic products in Israel since the year 2000. She has founded and managed the Cosmetics Registration Department at Aminolab for over ten years.Several years ago, she started an independent business in the same field. She employs five people at her office in Rishon Le’Zion, who show skill, professionalism and seriousness and are fluent in Hebrew and English.

Dr. Sara Tal and her team tend to each client personally, accompanying the client in a kind and helpful fashion from the start of the process up to the obtaining the Ministry of Health license. The office successfully handles over 100 new requests each month and as of now has registered thousands of products. Among the office’s clients a large number of the top local producers and importers of cosmetics. Due to her familiarity with the field of cosmetics and the actors in the market, Dr. Sara Tal has succeeded over the years in connecting new clients, producers and various importers, institutes and laboratories, in Israel and abroad, and to create fruitful, long lasting relationships.

 Dr. Sara Tal is an expert in the field of European Regulation 1223/2009/EC that has been in place since July 2013 and has replaced the European Directive 76/768/EEC. She has participated in dozens of conferences and courses in Europe and in Israel and has gained considerable knowledge and experience in the field. Dr. Sara Tal is working successfully with Safety Assessors and Responsible Persons in Europe and so far, has brought hundreds of products to CPNP Notification in Europe.

The Staff accompanying me skilled, professional and experienced in the field

  • Leading and management of from start until obtaining a license from of Health.
  • ​Personal and courteous service with a focus on performing an effective, quality and customized process.
  • ​Rigorous attention to schedules and submission to MoH without delays.
  • ​Consulting and clarifying to customers regarding the registration requirements.
  • ​Close and daily connection with the Ministry of Health, studying the requirements and regulations, including following the regulatory changing process.
  • ​Hebrew and English as mother tongue.
  • ​Intermediaries in providing related lab service by an external certified and independent laboratory.
  • ​Committed to top confidentiality.
  • ​Supporting customer after receiving licenses with any issues, including managing a licenses status and sending update reminders to renew licenses on time.
  • ​Expertise in European Regulation EC/1223/2009, which came into force in July 2013 and replaced the European Directive.

Cosmetics Registration
 to Receive Ministry
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Preparation of
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