Cosmetic Products Registration in Israel in order to Obtain Ministry of Health Licenses and Preparation of Product Information Files for the European Market

The Ministry of Health in Israel has been working on implementing a new regulation for cosmetic products; mainly switching from pre-market registration to in-market control, similar to the regulation in Europe since July 2013.

Once in place, Dr. Sara Tal will represent local manufacturers and importers and will act as your Responsible Person. The law is planned to come into force at the latest at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2017.

The service includes:

  • Responsibility for products that are marketed in Israel in compliance with all the regulatory requirements, as stated by the Ministry of Health, while making sure that the products are safe for use.

  • Preparation of PIF (Product Information File) for each product according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health: production method, compiling information on raw materials, composition of formula, verification of no animal testing, marketing claim review, packaging and labeling of the product etc.

  • Guidance for performing microbiological and chemical analyses, as well as stability and challenge test.

  • Notification of products as required by the Ministry of Health and ensuring that the products of interest will be placed and circulated in the market without any problems.

  • Keeping and updating the PIFs during the period that the products are in the market.

  • Presentation of the PIFs to the Israeli Ministry of Health upon their request and reporting of undesirable effects.

Do not hesitate to contact me for cosmetic registration in Israel and for representation and guidance of the current and upcoming regulatory

Note: The information about the New Regulation in Israel were written by me and might not be accurate. You must check and study the details of the law once it is published by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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